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OLYMPUS TAXI | Taxi Litochoro Pieria


Combining mountain and sea, it is an ideal base for excursions to Olympus.

The easy access, since it is only 5 km from the national road, the beaches, the surrounding nature and its traditional character have contributed to its tourist development. Hotels, guesthouses, rentals, taverns, restaurants and cafe-bars exist both inside Litochoro and on the beach.

  The village

it is divided into two settlements, with the new spreading around the old: houses with authentic Macedonian architecture, two-story, with wooden front doors but also quite neoclassical, cobbled alleys, stone fountains, small squares and churches make up the image of both settlements.

Particularly beautiful is the sailors' neighborhood (or Chinja to Bairi), where most of the neoclassical captain's houses are located. Classic meeting points are the square around the church of Agios Dimitrios and Platanos square in the old settlement.


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